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No Particular Place To Go?

Riding along in my automobile My baby beside me at the wheel I stole a kiss at the turn of a mile My curiosity runnin' wild Crusin' and playin' the radio......oh.....oh

What no radio?

Ok so you've got your dream classic car it even has the original radio! unfortunately it's probably the one thing that even if it works as it was originally intended it's been made pretty much redundant by the passage of time and the march of technology, after all, those big old tapes are getting harder to come by and without an F.M channel your limited in what you can tune into.

If only you could find a way to get music from your phone to play through the car speakers without having to remove the original radio or trying to squeeze a modern radio somewhere under the dash or splashing out a few hundred pounds to have your old radio converted.

At last years we were asked by loads of people if we converted car radios, we probably could but to do so would mean customers having to remove the radio send it to us for us to convert then send it back for them to refit, do able but not cheap!

Since then we have been working on a system that would bypass the car radio and connect directly to the original speakers, and after extensive testing from Mill Lane Speed Shop, we are very excited to announce that the HRRB1 "Herbie" will be launched at this years Atomic Festival.

Check out Mill Lane Speed Shops review Here

The HRRB1 is a kit that you can fit in minutes and requires no crimping or soldering, just connect directly to your cars original or replacement speakers.

The HRRB1 is just 125g and small enough to tuck easily under your dash, tuck under the front seat or even pop it in the glove box!

Powered by 5v Micro usb (phone charger lead) using the supplied powerbank or if it works, your cigarette lighter using a usb adapter. It can also be hard wired but make sure you get a professional to do this bit!

We will be launching at Atomic with a introductory price of £48.00

The kit has everything you need to get some music into your classic car and if you can't get it to work with your speakers and don't want to upgrade them we will be happy to give a full refund!!

See you at Atomic !!!!!

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