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About Us

So firstly what is Hot Rod Radios? It is simply taking old redundant non working radios giving them a good clean, thats the hard part!, connecting a Bluetooth PCB and Amp, reusing the original speaker with all of the old electrical circuit left in place but not used, adding a new input so that you can power the radio with a Micro USB the most commonly used mobile phone charger.

Its a little bit like taking an old car, making a few modifications and adding a  more powerful engine our beaten up old radios become Hot Rod Radios just without the go faster stripes!

Using only a 5v charger they are very cheap to run and can even be powered with a 5v 1a powerbank to make them portable.

New to Bluetooth? Not sure if you have it?

Most modern phones will come equipped with Bluetooth meaning all you have to do is turn it on, and no it doesn't require internet access!

Wirelessly connect the radio to your phone allowing you to play any music from your phone through the radios speaker. Once you've mastered that you can connect your phone to the internet, this bit does require internet access!, and spend hours searching for radio stations that play exactly what you want to hear! In fact these Vintage radios that were built long before the internet was even a twinkle in Mr. Burners-Lee's eye are now Internet Radios.

These original 1950s and 1960s radios Look as good as they sound and if you love your Vintage lifestyle they will be perfect for your home, camper, classic car

or Diner!

Vintage style with a modern twist.

There is a long history of radio enthusiasts building and repairing old radios and keeping them going, I'm not one of these talented radio engineers just someone that had an idea and worked out how to put it into practise. I don't have a background in electronics just an inquisitive mind. With a little help from Dr Google I found all the parts required to build a Bluetooth radio, all be it with a few hiccups along the way!

The Paraffin cans?  Oh yes they're Internet Radios too, well they are actually just Bluetooth Speakers using the same technology as fitted in the radios with a new speaker added. Every one is unique, they all have different patina and paint and are all cleaned inside and out with a coating of clear lacquer to give a protective smooth finish. Perfect for the Man cave or Pick up Truck!

Now your here take a look at the Blog and our 50s Heaven Shop, new stuff being added all the time!

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