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Comments from our Lovely Customers


Just a quick message to say that my husband absolutely loves the radio. He usually isn’t that animated when you give him a present- he’s pretty laid back, but he obviously really liked it. Since, he’s taken it everywhere: he’s shown friends and family, taken it down the garage... a real pleasure to see.

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and a great product.




Hi Allen 

yes received yesterday thrilled to bits with them I’m sure my sister in law will love it as well 

merry Christmas 

kind regards 


THANK YOU!!!! Allen ... it works fab, .....i really recommend this guy....check out Hot Rod Radios, don't leave your radio dead...get it up and working!!!!!!!!!!


If you love vintage then you should get one of these radios. So good listening to a bit of rock'n'roll on a radio like this. Absolutely love mine. Derek

We love our Bell & Howell Projector speaker!!!!!!!!!!!!! She sits comfortably among similarly aged paraphernalia . Best of all though, the sound quality is amazing,The Andrew Sisters have never sounded better! Thank you so much for introducing us to the joys of mixing the old with the new!!! XX


Thank you . Yes hubby loves it and when looking at them wasn’t sure if could work out how to use it but had a 5 minute tutorial from our daughter is all set and he loves it ! This second one is for our son in law who was very impressed with it so makes a perfect xmas present !   It’s nice that we had something that he was impressed with lol. Teresa

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