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We’ve been working on the HRRB1 for over a year and after going through various different prototypes and testing them in friends cars we settled on this version wrapped in a dust proof aluminium casing with easy to use connectors and a USB input.


With the flexibility of being powered with its own 5v 1a powerbank or directly from the car, the HRRB1 is small and light so will fit into any Vintage or Classic car.


The HRRB1 has been thoroughly tested by Mill Lane Speed Shop. They fitted it into various classic cars both British and American including a 48 Plymouth, 67 Wolseley, 36 Buick & a 68 Lincoln.


You can see Mill Lane Speed Shops Review  Here.


If you already have one and would like the full instructions please click Here.


Once you have your HRRB1 we would love to hear from you, let us know how you got on with the fitting. Don’t forget to let us know what car you’ve fitted it into as this may help other classic car owners.

From one of our very first customers;  


"Just like to say thanks for the herbie I fitted it to my Plymouth yesterday it literally took 15 mins to fit. Absolutely over the moon with it and it sounds great."




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